Evgenia Laguna
Project Manager or Senior Executive
Wardrobe handler
 If a full-scale solo concert is planned, other performers, musicians and a sound man will be included in the Team (each fee agreed upon separately)... 





  1. By air: 2 business class seats (economy class for the rest of the Team)

  2. By rail: four berths in a 1st class sleeper (2-berth compartment) (four-berth compartments for the rest of the Team)

  3. By road: an executive-class car with heat & air conditioning systems fully operational; additional vehicles must be provided if the actual number of participants so requires

  4. If it is an air flight, the inviting party shall greet and see the Team off via the VIP lounge up to the moment of the special control procedure in the airport

  5. The Team is to be provided enough vehicles to meet the transportation requirements of its members while on the tour.

  6. The inviting party is to provide two persons to assist the Team with transportation of its equipment and stage properties.

  7. The Team’s schedule must be planned to ensure that the Team arrives at its destination no later than 6 hours before the respective concert.



    The Team’s schedule must be planned to ensure that the Team arrives at the concert site no later than 3 hours before the concert call.






 De luxe hotel

One double de luxe suite

Semilux rooms for the rest of the Team (in the same hotel only)

Heating, hot water and telephone MUST be included without exception!

Rooms must be booked in advance.


In a restaurant at a separately laid table


Three meals daily including a full-scale breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Makeup Room

Personal makeup room 

 One big, comfortable and tidy makeup room at the concert site fitted with as follows: 

  • 1 x big mirror

  • 3 x chairs (at least three)

  • 1 x couch or 2 x armchairs

  • 3 x wall receptacles or a tee-joint, fully operational

  • 1 x hot-water hand wash basin

  • 1 x electric kettle

  • Tea, coffee, sugar, sandwiches, 3 liters of natural pineapple juice

  • Paper towels or tissues

  • 6 x 0.5 liter mineral water (still)

  • 1 x heater (in winter time), 1 x air conditioner (in summer time)

  • 1 x coat rack with hangers

  • 1 x ironing board, 1 x electric iron.

 Separate makeup rooms for the rest of the concert participants.

 The passage from the makeup room to the stage and backstage must be hidden from.

Security of the makeup room and passage to the stage must be provided. The key to the makeup room must be left with the Team’s Senior Executive while the Team remains at the concert site.

 Tour advertisement


Playbills/fliers/posters and video reels will be provided as required.


Photography and videotaping must immediately precede the respective concert. 



Technical issues



 The following equipment must be provided:



 1 x professional CD player



 1x reverberator, delay



 Standard stage light



 1 x followspot and a spotlight operator to control



 2 x radio microphones.



 All equipment may be provided by Evgenia Laguna, if necessary, with the lease of the equipment agreed upon separately.



 At least two hours of rehearsal and sound checkup are essential. Relevant services will be required to ensure the quality of the concert.



 The Customer’s authorized representative shall be required permanently on site to find solutions to any and all potential organizational and other problems.


 No music recording from the mixing console shall be permitted.

 Performers’ fees shall be agreed individually. Departure from Moscow shall not take place otherwise than on a full or 50-percent prepayment basis with the prepayment received no later than five (5) days prior to the date of the concert and with respective two-ways tickets received prior to the departure. Prepaid two-ways tickets must be received together with prepaid baggage vouchers for 50 kg per Team member. 

Performers enter the stage only after all mutual payments have been effected. 

 All above issues are to be negotiated and agreed with Evgenia Laguna’s representative in good time.

Technical contacts:

830 Haverford Ave.
Ste.8 Pacific Palisades,
CA 90272
Tel.:  310-663-4265
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830 Haverford Ave. Ste.8
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 
Tel.: +1 310 663 4265


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